The Museum is made up of dozens of volunteers, all committed to the ideals of peace. People volunteer with the museum in many different ways:

Docents tours to individuals or groups

Behind-the-scenes help at events

Help plan a fundraiser, a dinner, speaker-event, book clubs…

Speak to groups that need a topical speaker

Plant flowers!

Organize the library, dust shelves, greet guests, and hundreds of other ideas!

Plan major museum and traveling exhibits

Write new curricula

Help raise awareness of the museum

Write and secure grant applications

Mentor young people

Read to children

Volunteer Application

Upon receiving this application, a museum staff member will contact you for an interview and discuss ways in which you wish to be involved in volunteering at or for the Museum.

As part of the process, we will ask you if you:

  1. Have ever been charged, indicted, and/or convicted of a violent or aggravated crime.
  2. Have ever been charged, indicted, and/or convicted of any crime related to children.
  3. Grant the Museum permission to conduct a background check according to its policies.

After an interview, volunteers must attend a 2-hour training course that goes over all the policies and procedures for helping us run America’s only peace museum!

We can’t wait to meet you!


    Docent shifts are normally in 4.5-hour blocks beginning at either 9:30 am or 12:30pm, Friday through Sunday. Other volunteer opportunities on Monday-Thursday can also be scheduled when the Museum is closed to the public. Please indicate your preferences.

    Skills and Experience

    (Check all that apply to you)

    Assignment Preference*

    Describe your skill set and/or the type of volunteer experience you are seeking.

    Previous Volunteer Experience

    Briefly describe any past volunteer experiences you enjoyed (or didn't enjoy).