Facility & Staff Request

Beginning in January 2022, the new museum site at 10 N. Ludlow will be available to rent in part or whole depending on the event and time/date requested. The Museum is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization primarily staffed by volunteers and dependent on donations to maintain the facilities, pay utilities, taxes, and maintaining the museum. The process begins by filling out a facility request form and submitting it at least 30 days before your event in most cases. Making a request is no guarantee of approval for every event.

As a policy, the Museum asks that outside organization refrain from using one-time use plastic items like water bottles, plastic cups, styrofoam of any kind, forks, spoons, etc. The Museum offers reusable items free of charge that can be washed and used again as well as safe drinking water and a refrigerator and freezer for your use.

The cost for use of the Museum facilities will depend on the needs of the requesting organization, the time involved, and specific use of museum facilities and staff members.

Clean up — including removing trash, separating recyclables, and returning borrowed items — is the responsibility of the group requesting to use the building. A refundable deposit is made at the time of reservation.  The balance of the deposit, after any deductions, will be returned within 10 days of the event.