Martin Sheen: Twin Dangers

Martin Sheen has recorded a video for World BEYOND War outlining the two biggest dangers the world faces. Think you know what they are? Want a great explanation you can share with others?

Sept 18-22: “OUR PLANET – OUR LIVES” Concerts

flyer for Our Planet Our Lives concert

These September concerts will feature performance of Missa Gaia, guest artists from the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and two newly-commissioned choral works. The concert, Our Planet—Our Lives, coincides with the UN’s Climate Justice for Peace Day (September 21). The Levitt asked the World House Choir to sing, in part, because they wanted a local choral arts organization […]

The Climate Crisis and Peace

view of the Climate Justice exhibit

This multi-modal exhibit is designed for visitors of all ages and tackles the complex subject of how peace and justice are deeply compromised by the looming climate crisis. The exhibit offers examples of how anyone can make a difference by the choices they make on a daily basis and offers solutions and challenges for the […]