Peace Labyrinth: Quilting the Golden Rule

Peace Labyrinth is a series of 17 quilts that visitors can walk through, like a labyrinth, which portray the teachings of the Golden Rule in 17 major faith traditions and humanist philosophies.

Currently the quilt is not on display. However in the meantime, a digital guide is still available to peruse its beauty and meaning:

Digital guide

The Museum guide to the Peace Labyrinth: Quilting the Golden Rule is now available online — for your reference before, during, or after your visit to the exhibit.

The quilt project represents the culmination of a lifetime of experience and learning for artist Janet Bear McTavish, whose quilts have won awards in national shows. The exhibit offers visitors a chance to reflect on humankind’s ancient ideas and aspirations for peace, to wander quietly in their beautiful colors, and to admire an inherently tranquil and meaningful art form.