The Dayton Peace Accords

Title wall of the Peace Accords exhibit

ALL-NEW EXHIBIT! Come explore 4 interactive kiosks with stories, videos, photographs, music, and educational maps that teach about the incredible tragedy of war and the difficult path to achieving peace and reconciliation. The 1992 war in the former Yugoslavia was the first conflict since WWII to be formally judged as genocidal in character, and many […]

How Interfaith Communities Help Solve Poverty in Dayton

This exhibit showcases six local faith organizations and their contributions to fighting economic injustice in the Dayton area. Though they may have different religious beliefs and practices, they have one mission: to make a difference in the community. This exhibit is a safe space for all faith and non-faith practitioners alike. We invite you to […]

The Climate Crisis and Peace

view of the Climate Justice exhibit

This multi-modal exhibit is designed for visitors of all ages and tackles the complex subject of how peace and justice are deeply compromised by the looming climate crisis. The exhibit offers examples of how anyone can make a difference by the choices they make on a daily basis and offers solutions and challenges for the […]

Peace Corps artifacts

photo of artifacts in a glass case

A number of returned Peace Corps volunteers have let the Museum borrow some of the treasures they collected on their two-year adventure overseas. This collection will be on view through the summer of 2019.

Peace Heroes Room

view of the Peace Heroes Room on the 2nd floor

Our Peace Heroes Room explores dozens of “ordinary” people who were capable of extra-ordinary peaceful efforts. The Museum defines a peace hero as a person who cares about the world and its inhabitants and strives for positive change through nonviolence. In addition to some big names you may be familiar with, other panels in the […]

Peace Labyrinth: Quilting the Golden Rule

Peace Labyrinth: Quilting the Golden Rule
Peace Labyrinth is a series of 17 quilts that visitors can walk through, like a labyrinth, which portray the teachings of the Golden Rule in 17 major faith traditions and humanist philosophies. Currently the quilt is not on display. However in the meantime, a digital guide is still available to peruse its beauty and meaning: [...]

Gandhi Photo Collection

b&w photo of Gandhi with Abhaben Gandhi and Manuben (his grandniece)

Created through a generous gift to the Museum, the Gandhi Photo Collection features rare and original print photographs taken during Gandhi’s life and eventual death. Supporting placards provide insight into the life of this complex peacebuilder from his time in South Africa, London, and in India.

Peace Hero Stories

image of the Peace Museum website as shown on an iPad and iPhone
The Peace Heroes Room at the museum celebrates individuals who accepted the risk in making the world a less violent and more just place. They serve as role models for the rest of us. But there are more than fit in a single room! So we created this digital exhibit to supplement the physical space. [...]

Children’s Room

The Children’s Room is for children of all ages. Arguably the most inviting of all our galleries, the room features books, games, puppets, and toys related to peace but geared to children. One highlight is the collection of two dozen musical instruments including African drums, cymbals, maracas, tambourines, and xylophones (among others).