Traditionally, #givingtuesday starts and ends on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Although the Museum is starting the annual fundraiser officially on December 1, we are extending the giving through the rest of December to allow more people to give to the annual fundraiser.

To make matters even better, we have been challenged by a generous benefactor to raise $10,000 before January 1, 2021, and be granted a matching gift in the same amount! This is an incredible opportunity for us to raise funds for all the programs and new exhibits we have in the works for 2021. Those projects include digitizing our exhibits so that everyone, no matter where in the world, can have access to our collection. Creating basically two exhibits-one physical and the other digital is costly but is something we believe the right decision, especially in the age of COVID-19.

Please consider a one-time gift this year and take advantage of the new tax laws enacted for 2020-only, enabling more donors to deduct gifts from their tax liability. Better yet, consider being a recurring donor-it really helps us know how to better budget for the year. THANK YOU!