In the same month the world celebrates the 25th anniversary of the ending of the war in Bosnia, the Museum is unveiling a new digital exhibit on the Dayton Peace Accords and on the city and people who made it possible. Auut Studio of San Francisco was commissioned two years ago to help us create a highly-visual and interactive exhibit in time for last year’s 24th anniversary and culminating in events throughout 2020 and leading up to the larger milestone this November.

When COVID-19 changed those plans, delaying even the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s plans to honor the agreements, we turned again to Auut Studio to create an online experience that would bring the history, images, geography, tragedy, and ultimately, peace to anyone who could connect to our website. What was created is truly remarkable. You will not find a more thorough or user-friendly source on the topic anywhere.

The online exhibit highlights how Dayton was chosen as the site for the peace talks.

As the pandemic endured and the Museum was forced to close our doors, donations dropped considerably and the possibility of delaying the addition of a digital exhibit was discussed. Ultimately, the Dayton Rotary Club stepped in and agreed to sponsor the online exhibit, paving the way for the project to reach completion. In addition, we were able to create a parent and teacher guide to accompany the exhibit. Given the serious topics covered, the exhibit is made for two audiences, one for young people and another for adults.

Hopefully, as the pandemic ends in 2021, the Dayton Peace Museum will again open to visitors and group tours. The Dayton Peace Accord exhibit contains many artifacts, original documents, and additional components not easily transferrable to an online exhibit and we hope your visit will complete the story when we reopen. Until then or for people anywhere in the world interested in the story of the Dayton Peace Accords, we have another educational option available now and in the future.