Despite a raging pandemic and closed to the public, the Dayton International Peace Museum is still in need of funds to continue online work and the digitalization of current and future exhibits. Keeping a 150+-year-old historic home maintained and healthy is also no small financial matter.

Raising funds for the past few years have particularly challenging with the change in tax laws that require fewer people to itemize on their annual tax returns. As a result, people have statistically given less to nonprofits and charities as most donations are not directly deductible as in the past.

group portrait of 18 people outside the museum
Sinclair students visiting the Museum before the closing in March, due to the pandemic.

The Miami Valley has also been affected by the 2019 tornados and the economic downturn and job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty of jobs, housing, and even the tumultuous presidential election have made raising money for nonprofits a continuing challenge.

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