On September 23, Museum Director, Kevin Kelly, and newest board member Kelly Lehman spoke via Zoom to nearly 100 young adults who are members of the Austrian Service Abroad program.

From September 18 to 20 2021 a leadership retreat of the Austrian Service Abroad took place in the city of Vienna. Team-leaders are leaders of teams of the Austrian Service Abroad (https://www.auslandsdienst.at/en/bereiche). They were invited to join and get to know each other better, share ideas, create synergies, and inspire each other.

Typically those chosen for this highly-selective program would be scattered across the world right now, but due to the pandemic are mostly still in Austria at the moment. The Museum learned last month that we have been selected as a host site for annual internships by one or two students from the program. The young people spend about 10 months at their host site, learning and working on specific projects for the host agency.

The focus of the Austrian Peace Service is the promotion of peace and the Dayton Peace Museum is happy to join the ranks of prestigious museums and organizations around the world, including The Museum of Tolerance, The Bertha Von Suttner Peace Institute in The Hague, Yad Vashem Memorial in Israel, The Jewish Museum in Berlin, and many other important sites.

The first fellows to arrive in Dayton will be in late August of 2021. We will be sharing more about this incredible opportunity as we get closer to their arrival to the U.S. next Summer.