(Early and absentee voting, deadlines, links, location of drop box, etc.)

In Ohio Absentee voting refers to both requesting an Absentee ballot be mailed to you AND early in-person voting. *All* qualified Absentee ballots are counted and reported. Often the first numbers the public sees on Election Night are Absentee ballots that are tabulated first because they are the first to arrive.

Absentee voting is secure, accurate, fair, and incredibly efficient for the voter. It’s also probably the physically safest way to avoid novel coronavirus exposure.
In-Person (commonly referred to as Early Voting)

In Ohio you may vote in-person at your local Board of Elections starting 29 days before the election. For the 2020 General Election early voting starts on October 6, 2020 – you can find the hours for early in-person voting here…/vote…/current-voting-schedule/

PARKING: In Montgomery County you will early vote in the basement of the Montgomery County building in downtown Dayton – the entrance to the parking garage is off 2nd St. between I-75 and the MontCo Jail. Parking is free for voters.

Ask anyone who studies, follows, or reports on these things and it is safe to say turnout is likely to be very, very high. Your local BOE is *fantastic*, and you should expect lines or a certain amount of waiting *inside* the building. Health and safety protocols will be in place, and the public’s patience, kindness & cooperation are deeply appreciated by the staff of the BOE as well as every other public office housed in the County Building. Masks are required inside the County Building per the Montgomery County Commission. If you are looking for an even more convenient option…then let’s talk Absentee By Mail!
Vote By Mail (or commonly referred to as Absentee or VBM)

To have an Absentee Ballot mailed to you, your local Board of Elections must receive an Absentee Ballot Request form. Once the BOE has received your form, staff will process the request, and a ballot will be mailed to you on or after October 6, 2020. Returned ballots will need TWO STAMPS or you can use the drop box (location below).

You can find a printable Absentee Ballot Request PDF here:…/…/11_a_english_MC_v2_NEW.pdf

The above form has the MCBOE address on it, but you can send to any BOE in Ohio. To find the address of your BOE, click here:…/county-boards-of-elections-d…/

THE FORM MUST BE PRINTED, COMPLETED, SIGNED & RETURNED TO YOUR LOCAL BOE. You can pop it in the mail – multiple requests in the same envelope is fine – or you can drop it in the secured and monitored drop box every BOE is providing.

DROP BOX LOCATION: In Montgomery County, the drop box is in the rear of the County Building, on Vista View (runs parallel to I-75) between 2nd & 3rd Streets.

BALLOT MAIL DATES: Ballots will be mailed to voters starting during the Early In-Person Period that begins October 6, 2020. You can check the status of your absentee request here:

No matter when you put in your request, you will NOT receive a ballot before the above date.

DEADLINES: The Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot is noon on October 31st.*** DON’T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!

Ballots must be post-marked by November 2, 2020 (Day before Election Day) or you can drop them off in the drop box until 7:30 p.m. on November 3rd (Election Day)***