The Museum is part of a global fundraising effort on Tuesday, May 5, from the worst financial effects of the Coronavirus epidemic. There is no question of the great need by many people for basic necessities like food, housing, and medical care. These essential needs are far more imperative than our own currently, but we are feeling the negative effects already as we cancel all public programs, exhibits, receptions, our summer camp, and fundraising.

All nonprofit organizations like the Dayton Peace Museum are struggling with a large loss of financial support to maintain our building and pay our normal bills. We have missed significant events and fundraising opportunities we rely on to survive as a brick and mortar organization. We are in the process of moving more of our operations to a virtual setting in the meantime and have cut every possible expense to keep only essential expenditures.

If you can, please consider a gift, however large or small, to the only museum dedicated to peace in the Western Hemisphere.