The Facing Project, a nonprofit storytelling initiative, is recruiting for the Facing Gun Violence project and I thought you might be interested in volunteering to share a story, helping someone else share theirs, or spreading the word through the arts (dance, photography, music, and other creative arts).

The Dayton community in partnership with The Dayton International Peace Museum and The Facing Project is collecting stories from individuals with a story to share on the topic of gun violence. Using The Facing Project model (writer, storyteller writing teams, and artistic teams), the stories will be released in a book, performed by actors, and used to inspire art and inform some type of ongoing action.

The goal of this project is to promote collective healing by deeply listening to the stories of gun violence in our community. The project intends to have a community event in late July (early August) to honor the 1 year anniversary of the tragedy in our community.

You can volunteer to share your story, help write someone else’s, and create art inspired by the project here – http://gunviolence.facingproject.com/volunteer/.

If you are not able to volunteer but would like to help, we are in need of donations to finish the project. The Dayton International Peace Museum raised 50% of project funds and we are looking for donations. You will find information on how to donate on the facing project website.

If you have any questions about the project, please email Dr. Katherine Rowell, Facing Project Coordinator at katherine.rowell@sinclair.edu or call her at 937-512-3203.