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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of International Cities of Peace

The Dayton Council on World Affairs (DCOWA) hosted J. Frederick Arment, the founding director of International Cities of Peace, recently at an event at the Museum. ICP is a Dayton-based nonprofit organization with Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC, the United Nations Committee for NGOs.

Arment is author of two works of fiction and two nonfiction books on peace, including “The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works” and “The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule, and the Broadening of Prosperity”. As one of the five founders of the Dayton International Peace Museum, which began organizing in 2003, Arment has a long history of peace building in the Miami Valley, especially through the Peace Dayton Collaborative Group of over 120 local organizations.

To date there are over 242 International Cities of Peace in 54 countries on six continents, and the network is expanding each month. Each city of peace is unique in its response to the needs of the community in terms of increasing safety, prosperity, and quality of life for all citizens. The presentation will include an overview of global initiatives that address violence and build a new generation of leadership dedicated to fostering a practical culture of peace. Case studies will include peace initiatives in China, Nepal, Argentina, Nigeria, Uganda, and more.

For more information, go to www.dcowa.org, or www.internationalcitiesofpeace.org

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