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Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees: Dayton International Peace Museum

Dayton International Peace Museum Board of Trustees

Minutes of the meeting of December 8, 2020


Mary Ramey. Chair

Tom Roberts, Vice Chair

Bob Knechel, Treasurer

Jacob Bauer

Kathleen Gish

Darsheel Kaur (late)


Kelly Lehman (unexcused)

Salma Albezreh (unexcused)

Sam Ortiz (unexcused)


Kevin Kelly, Director

Arielle Dzaferagic, Assistant

Lezley Pisone

The meeting came to order at 6:04 pm. Kevin introduced Lezley Pisone, who has consulted with DIPM on our last two fundraising direct-mail appeals, concerning a prospective contract to hire her to assist Kevin in setting up a development program for the museum. Lezley outlined her credentials of training and experience, then discussed her plan for setting up a system of identifying donor and grant prospects, laying out an action plan, instructing Kevin on how to do the “ask,” and implementing stewardship methods to keep donors informed and engaged. She was complimentary of the Board members’ current phone calling campaign to reach out/thank our long-term donors. She proposes analyzing our past 3-5 years of fundraising in order to gauge how the museum can improve re direct mail requests, structured giving programs (including planned gifts/estate giving), events/sponsorships, and both restricted and unrestricted grants. Kevin proposed hiring Lezley for a one-year contract at $80/hour.

After Lezley had left the meeting, the Board discussed the proposal and authorized Kevin to proceed. The Board meeting then followed the normal order of business.


Mary presented the minutes. There being no additions or corrections or discussion, Kathleen moved and Tom seconded that the minutes be approved as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.

Financial Reports:

Bob presented the financial reports through November. There was some discussion from Board members concerning the entries for Dues/Subscriptions and for Insurance; Board members were satisfied with the recordkeeping but asked Bob to clarify what subscriptions are included besides the Salsa CRM, Apple cloud storage, and The Atlantic online. Bob will report back next meeting. Tom moved and Kathleen seconded that the financial reports be approved as presented; the motion passed unanimously.

Director’s Report:

Kevin presented a recap of recent and current events for the museum, including:

1. The Austrian Peace Service Committee has asked Kevin to present a workshop this month on peace literacy. The committee reports that DIPM is their most-requested placement.

2. UD Flyer consulting has had their final meeting re the results of the survey they conducted re DIPM. They suggested three organizations at UD which have similar missions to DIPM and recommended that relationships among us be established, which will broaden the base of our prospective partners. They also recommended the establishment of a youth advisory board.

3. The World Food Programme will be formally awarded its Nobel Peace Prize on December 10.

4. The UN-recognized Peace in Our Cities initiative has held its final webinar of the year. Kevin continues to be actively involved as one of only two representatives from the United States.

5. Kevin has reached out to a writer Andrew Walsh of the website Dayton Vistas for a feature on the Pollack House.

6. James Sosebee hopes to reinvigorate his Cultivating Compassion program with DIPM in 2021.

7. Kevin O’Gorman, a UD student, will intern with the museum beginning in January to work on exhibits, specifically the Peace Accords exhibit and one that Kevin has been developing on propaganda.

8. DIPM’s application to be eligible to acquire artifacts through the federal government’s GSA has been approved.

9. Uma is offering meditation every day at noon via Facebook Live, and Kay continues to offer yoga on Wednesday evenings, broadcasting from the museum.

10. The Girls Scouts of Ohio will feature an interview with Kevin for World Thinking Day on February 22, 2021.

11. Repairs to the museum in the wake of an infestation by a raccoon have been completed.

12. Kevin finished his report with a presentation on possible floorplans for the space on Courthouse Square. He outlined a list of the amenities included in the rent, which will relieve many of the more mundane building and maintenance tasks that Kevin has been responsible for, to the detriment of having had available time for long-range planning for the museum. It was also noted that the savings of monies currently spent on care and maintenance of the Pollack House (approximately $30,000 per year) will offset some of the cost of the rent. Mary and Kevin reported on their in-person visit with Chris and Ralph Dull and Charlotte Paugh to discuss this proposal; the three of them were enthusiastic in their support of the plan even before Kevin had finished presenting the program to them. The Board members spent some time discussing the pros and cons. Bob moved and Tom seconded that Kevin be authorized to proceed with discussions on acquiring a lease to the space, including negotiations on rent. The motion was approved unanimously.


Tom and Bob proposed a slate of Officers for 2021: Tom to become Chair, Jacob to serve as Vice-Chair, and Bob to continue as Treasurer. Salma has been approached to serve as Secretary but is unsure whether her student responsibilities will allow her to do so, so that position is still open. In the interim, Kathleen offered to be a scribe during the meetings until the role of Secretary can be filled. The slate of officers was approved by acclamation.

At this point, the Board needed to go into an executive session to discuss personnel matters. Tom moved and Kathleen seconded that the Board does so. Our guests were dismissed; before he left the meeting, Kevin thanked outgoing Board members Darsheel and Mary for their service over the past three years. The motion to go into executive session at 7:25 pm passed unanimously.

The Board came out of executive session at 7:47 pm. Darsheel and Mary thanked the Board for the privilege of serving; board members thanked the two for their service. The meeting was adjourned by acclamation at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Ramey, in the absence of a secretary