I love the Dayton Intl Peace Museum

Dayton International Peace Museum Board of Trustees

Minutes (from video, so missing some things) of the meeting of July 14, 2021


Tom Roberts, Chair

Bob Knechel, Treasurer

Kelly Lehman

Amanda Arrington

Salma Albezreh 

Jacob Bauer

Maggie Schaller 



Kevin Kelly, Director



Sam Ortiz  

Kathleen Gish



Bill Mears

Eric Powers (Kevin’s Intern)

Rhonda Kline (potential new board member)



Tom we have a quorum



Tom asks for a motion to accept June minutes.  Kelly moves to accept, and Jacob seconds.  

Financial Report

Bob: report from an accountant.  We had $188,202.20 in our checking account.  Assets $628,000.  Bob hands around a report for January through July with comparison to last year.   We are in a strong position.

(I had a hard time getting details on this.)  Someone (I think it is a lady) moves to approve, someone (I think it is a lady) else moves to second.  Financial reports approved.


Directors’ Report

Two liens are on Pollack House from gift shop tax.  It grew while we didn’t know about it.  Everything else is clean.

  1. The Pollack House July 15 closing date is delayed due to buyer financing issues. Steve Brown, our realtor, is hopeful.  (There are also three to four other interesting parties, but we’d have to start over.)  Discussion about who is buying, for what use, zoning, rules about selling.
  2. We did not receive the L Brands grant for the color MLK exhibit.
  3. Meeting again soon with Jack Meagher regarding the education fund.
  4. I completed a grant application for Ohio entertainment Covid money.
  5. Simultaneous fundraising appeals have begun:  The Peace Crane Society-Sustaining members with annual gifts $999.00 or less. The Peace Builder’s Council (New) Gifts over $1,000 annually. 
  6. Applying for CenterPoint (Vectren) about August grant for education.
  7. Kathleen and Kathy Rowell completed the Peace Trails grant for the Ohio Endowment for the Humanities. No word yet.
  8. Shuttered Venue Grant outcome was $45,000.
  9. Searching for housing for the two Austrian interns in September.
  10. Negotiating possible temporary office space in Ludlow.
  11. Potentially moving to an Internet phone through Grasshopper. Will loose old #
  12. UD is interested in using the Museum in December for Human Rights Conf.
  13. Secured a new domain name: peace.museum 
  14. More thoughts on formalizing the Rotary Youth Summit next April-Kelly?
  15. Thanks to Kathleen for registering us for the Tour de Gem bike tour.
  16. Bob: 990 from Lisa the accountant? Key Bank issues?
  17. Demolition has begun on Ludlow by Castor Construction.
  18. JULY 24 Saturday: Last opportunity to help move items/organize 8am. Please ask folks you know if they can help.
  19. Sarajevo/Srebrenica event held live on Saturday on book release. We were recognized as a sponsoring organization on Youtube Live page. Book available in English. “Looking for Esmir”
  20. My intern continues work on creating a 4 minute video on civil rights protests at lunch counters in the 1960s.
  21. OSU student, FSI Program (Freedom Speakers International) for Building Peace July 15 at 7 pm North Korean refugees.
  22. Applied to Dayton Foundation for discretionary funds for education.

23 Complete rebuild of current website in time for September 21 unveil/“groundbreaking”*.  

  1. Mary Ramey is helping design space for the Peace Accord exhibit in Ludlow. We have obtained many new physical items to add (maps, photos), including some from Mike Turner.
  2. Austrian interns arrive in the last week of September.
  3. Maggie and Sam: Could you help me with efforts for our September 21, noon, events on Courthouse Square?   Discussion of development at Arcade and nearby.

Kevin and Maggie discuss parking.  

  1. Thank you to Kathleen for helming the Book Club and the Building Peace Series! This month’s book is the museum’s book, Facing Gun Violence (2020). 

There is a discussion about Dayton Foundation, Tom, Kevin, and Kelly.  I can’t really tell what is being said.  There seems to be subtext.  Kelly is saying we need to cultivate a relationship with them. Kevin feels we need to look at all potential opportunities to invest our house sale proceeds in addition to the Dayton Foundation. 


Chairman Report

-Talked to CJ about doing some music for the “groundbreaking”* on 9/21 at noon.  

-Rhonda Kline introduces herself, and why she thinks she is a good fit for the board.  

-Hopefully Tracy Sibbing will come next week. 


New Business

-Voting on Rhonda.

-Kelly gets our contact information.  

-Salma discusses the youth advisory committee.  And, discusses her role on the board.

-How do we have more volunteers?

-Discussion of our global presence.  

-Kevin and Kathy Rowell met someone from the US Peace Institute and discussed a curriculum that we can borrow.  

There was a vote on something, I think it was a vote on Rhonda, or it could have been adjourned because the meeting ended.  

Rhonda was voted in as a new board member.

Bob moved, and Jacob seconded the adjournment.