I love the Dayton Intl Peace Museum

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees: Dayton International Peace Museum

December 11, 2019


Salma Albezreh

Katherine Rowell

Mary Ramey

Jacob Bauer

Kevin Kelly (Museum Director)  

Sam Ortiz

Tom Roberts

Carin Al-Hamdani

Bob Knechel

Lonnie Franks

Cherise Hairston

Kay Edwards

Darsheel Kaur


Eeman Dajani

Jane McEwen


Kandice Kader (Prospective Board Member)

Arielle Dzaferagic (Prospective volunteer coordinator)

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Kathy Rowell. As there currently is no elected Secretary, Jacob Bauer agreed to take minutes.

The meeting started with the self-introductions of guests and board members. 

Approve minutes, Bob moves to approve. Mary seconds. Motion approved.

Director report by Kevin.

  • Update of email issues.
    • The .com addresses may be lost
    • Likely will move addresses to .org
  • Luncheon – A success! 
  • New Exhibit on Yemen
    • It will be up until February 
    • Event Jan 17th 7 pm
      • Co-sponsored by UD Human Rights Center
      • Experiment with selling tickets for this event, using EventBrite
  • Mary describes an ambassador’s family visit to the Peace Accords exhibit
  • The museum will be closed the weekend after Christmas
  • Kevin will possibly be taking a trip to California at the end of January
  • Need volunteers, an invitation for board members to do so if able. 
    • Could use librarian volunteers to catalog books
  • Teen YouTube live event at the museum
    • Around 30-40 people attended
  • Program on Vietnam vets going back to Vietnam as peacebuilders
  • End of year letter
    • Kathy has paid for a professional to write this letter
    • Around 600 will be sent out
  • Annual Report – the first time in 10 years!
    • A big thank you to Carin for putting this together
  • Peace Camp
    • Might move to UD, as the program is growing
  • Sherrod Brown publicist contacted to do a book signing through the museum 
    • In February 
    • Might need to hold it at another location due to size
      • Possible at Sinclair
        • Tom offered help with this
    • Hopefully will have a special event at the Peace Museum too
      • Might charge for tickets for the smaller event

Lonnie presents financial reports. 

  • The balance sheet is improving 
    • Most of the debt to Charlotte is paid off 
    • Kevin was paid in full for 2019 
  • Good revenue this year
  • Biggest expense: Director
    • Lonnie notes that he thinks it is well worth it
  • Discussion on Giving Tuesday
    • Facebook funds have yet to be posted
  • Matching Grant
    • Bob helped to secure 
    • Chris & Ralph will match all year-end donations starting with giving Tuesday
  • Kathy, Kevin and the board thanks Lonnie for all of his help over the years

Carin moves to approve the financial report. Tom seconds. Motion approved. 

Committee chairs present reports

Annual Report

  • Carin needs just a little more information from board members, but it is almost complete

Cherise plans on taking a year of absence.

  • Kathy thanks Cherise for her service this year.

Kathy thanks those who participate in her student interviews.

Kathy thanks the board and Kevin for their service this year. 

The executive committee is recommending a pay raise for Kevin for next year. 

Kathy gives a special thank you to Kevin for his exemplary work this year.

Kevin and the board thanks Kathy and Lonnie for their service as chair and treasurer. 


  • Approval of Kandice Kader to join the board
  • Mary Ramey elected as the new chair of the board
  • Eman Dajani elected as the new vice-chair of the board
  • Carin A-Hamdani elected as the new secretary
  • Bob Knechel elected as the new executive committee at large member

We are still in need of a new treasurer. Discussion follows.

  • Lonnie is willing to help train others on how to take up these duties 
    • Also is willing to help with book keeping 
  • Lonnie notes that the treasurer should be a board member
  • Bob volunteers for the position, as long as bookkeeping is taken care of. 
    • Thank you, Bob!

Lonnie motions to appoint Bob as Treasurer. Carin seconds. Motion approved. 

Lonnie motions to adjourn. Kathy seconds. Motion approved.